Who Is Worditor?

Who Am I?

My name is Rodney de Gale and my mission is to unbore the Internet. By unbore, I mean to single-handedly rescue the Internet from weary words and tiresome texts.

That’s precisely the kind of content you find on most corporate websites and most people don’t read it. They drop by for a quick factoid and they’re off.

If they do need to read your lengthy text then make it nice and easy and cut out the sleepy stuff.

If that sounds good to you then get in touch and we’ll work together to create something special.

Fun Facts

  • I was born in Kensington, London just up the road from the Royal Albert Hall but not in it.
  • I currently live with my fab girlfriend in Malmö, Sweden. The locals spell Sweden like this: Sverige.
  • My favourite food is anything fried, especially deep fried. I make a mean English breakfast by the way.
  • Close friends sometimes call me Rodders.


With close to 15 years’ experience as a content producer, content editor, content quality expert and web manager, I can safely say I’ve learned a thing or two. I’ve plied my honest trade at many illustrious places including the BBC, Symbian, Tetra Pak and Business Link.

I’ve also worked in music licensing at the Performing Right Society, archive research at ITN, video editing for Champions League football and graphics operations for Premier League football.

All of that means I’ve worked in TV, Radio, Online, Mobile, Sport and Music. Phew!


I’ve trained people on-site in Moscow, Istanbul, Seoul, Modena, Singapore, Lund and throughout the UK.

In addition, I’ve trained people via live online training sessions from countries such as Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil and the United States.

My three guiding principles

  1. Get to the point and get there fast
  2. Have fun on your site and your customers will too
  3. Dare to be different but don’t forget to test


When I’m not working, I can sometimes be found wandering the lush, verdant pastures of Skåne while taking pictures of these little things if they stay still for long enough. They don’t usually.

The rest of my time is spent listening to tons of music, tuning in to fine quality radio and TV, reading anything from crime novels to textbooks, and trying to work out why Arsenal still haven’t managed to lift the Champions League trophy after many years of trying.

  • Customer Happiness 100% 100%
  • Fun Factor 99% 99%
  • Sense Of Humour 95% 95%
  • Work Ethic 95% 95%
  • Idea Generation 95% 95%

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