Web Copywriting

Where’s the pain?

Your organisation needs to attract a global audience using expertly written English but you’re struggling to find someone who can write the persuasive, dynamic copy you need.

What’s the fix?

If you need web copywriting then Worditor can supply whatever you desire. From the sharpest sentences to the clearest clauses, Worditor can bring style and definition to your website.

What I’ll do

Worditor will carry out the following tasks:

  1. Consultation – Discuss the requirements
  2. Research – Learn about the subject and the company
  3. First draft – An initial round of writing
  4. Modification – Adjustments made to ensure accuracy
  5. Final draft – Handing over the completed text
  6. Testing – Prove it performs
  7. Publication – Launch and maintain

What you’ll get

You’ll receive top-notch text that fits your brand while engaging your customers. The Worditor words are bold, fresh, informative and brimming with vitality and that’s the Worditor difference.