Web Review

Where’s the pain?

After years of using your website to entice customers and drive greater involvement, your users aren’t staying long enough on key pages and they’re not clicking the call to action buttons and they’re not making enquiries – In short, your site is not converting.

What’s the fix?

You need to identify what’s wrong and you need to fix it fast. Worditor will run a comprehensive web review of every aspect of your site to pinpoint the problem areas and root out the rot that’s holding your site back.

What I’ll do

Worditor will carry out the following tasks:

  1. Observation – How people use your site
  2. Expectations – An understanding of your specific needs
  3. Exploration – Go through every page with a microscope
  4. Documenting – Log every issue found on every page
  5. Reporting – Delivering the lowdown on what’s wrong
  6. Action plan – The next steps to achieve results

What you’ll get

Once the web review is complete and the report is delivered, you’ll have a better understanding of your website’s issues as well as a concrete action plan for how they can be fixed.